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Dogma door

Front doors

The DOGMA family of casements now includes a solution for doors. This is DOGMA DOOR, a range of interior-exterior coplanar profiles with a thickness of 65mm and insulating bars of 30mm to ensure high standards of thermal insulation (Uf up to 1.5 w/m2K). The cylindrical hinges designed for the system make it both functional and elegant. The painstaking design of the seals inside the profiles ensures good weatherproofing and a premium finish. The DOGMA DOOR range of profiles can be used for all of the main types of opening.
The importance of being DOGMA.

Permeabilità all'aria

Air permeability
Class 3*

Tenuta all'acqua

Water tightness
Class 2A*

Resistenza al vento

Wind resistance
Class C2*





Frame cross-section 65 mm
Sash cross-sections 65 mm
Overall lateral dimensions 153 mm
Overall central dimensions 200 mm


  • Thermal break door system
  • Air/water sealing system DOUBLE BEAT
  • Stop gasket EPDM
  • Under glass insert INSULATING
  • Closing accessories SYSTEM-SPECIFIC
  • Filiform hinges DEDICATED, REVERSIBLE, 150 KG LOAD
  • Thermal insulation main type 30 mm BARS
  • Suitable for SAC 1

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