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Naonis shutters

Shutters and roller blind boxes

The Naonis shutter allows the creation of hinged shutters with one or more doors, folding like a book, Padovan and Vicentine style, with or without compensator, through the use of hinges or, alternative fittings. The frame profiles come in different depths (36.5, 52, 70, 137 mm). The slats have a thickness of 28 mm, are available with different pitches and the creation of central "approach" or "trim" node types, using the appropriate door profile.

The slat head closing profiles are supplied pre-drilled and the caps, being in aluminum, can be painted in the same chosen finish. Special polystyrene bars can also be inserted inside the staves, in order to reduce the "sound box" effect when the shutter is hit by water. Designed to preserve the aesthetic characteristics of the original wooden systems, it can therefore be used for renovations, new buildings, for inclusion in historic centres with the advantage of having a reduced need for maintenance.

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