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Shutters and roller blind boxes

System in extruded profiles for boxes, with inspection door hooked onto the case using stainless steel springs, which allow rapid, easy access to the roller blinds box.
Air tightness is guaranteed by silicone seals.
Equipped with specific insulation for those situations where greater thermal insulation is required.


System type Modular box
Extruded profiles Aluminum alloy 6060 AL MG 0.5 SI 0.4 - FE 0.2 according to UNI EN 573 standards
Delivery state T5 according to the UNI EN 515 standard (equiv. TA 16)
Dimensional tolerances and thicknesses UNI EN 12020.2 e/o UNI EN 755-9
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Certified company
Iso 9001
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