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Gold 400 - Aluminium windows and doors

Frame dimension
40 mm 
Air permeability Class 4
Door Size 
48 mm 
Water permeability Class 9A
Lateral section size  91,5 mm 
Wind resistance
Class C2
Glass case height 22 mm 
dB 38

With its limited dimensions, Gold 400 System is the smallest, but also the first to be born in the big Gold family. Gold 400 is "small", but complete and versatile, with over two hundred profiles available, it has all the technical and constructive options of its "bigger brothers", always guaranteeing excellent tightness performances, also assured by the open joint hinge system (but it can be realised also in the double leaf version).

The accessory slots of this series have standard dimensions that comply with the European Chamber, allowing to easily find the spare parts on the market, thus guaranteeing the possibility of future maintenance. "Gold 400" has sober and smooth lines, with an internal overlapping between frame and shutter, while externally they are coplanar. Gold 400 is an excellent solution to guarantee good performance with limited costs, when there are no particular needs, such as a great inertia or thermal insulation requirements. The 400 series profiles, as well as all the profiles of the GOLD swinging door and window family, allow to produce doors and windows with one or more swinging shutters, with internal or external opening, as well as fixed , wasistas, tilt glide shutters, bascules, bending out or sliding doors, monobloc and internal doors.

  Gold 400

Further features

Air, water and wind tightness system: Windows and French Windows: Open joint with central weatherstripping or double weatherstripping ledge
Doors: Double weatherstripping ledge
System dimensions: - Fixed frame 40 mm deep
- Shutter mm 48
- Glazing insertion varies between 5.5 and 33.5 mm
Glass case height: mm. 22
Glazing insertion: Rectangular or rounded glass stop (with releasing clasps) or glass profiles with a normal or oversize insertion with various designs.
Weatherstripping: Made of synthetic rubber, EPDM - DUTRAL - SILICON RUBBER
Type of system: Internally overlapping - Externally coplanar  
Extruded metal profiles: Aluminium alloy 6060 AL MG 0.5 SI 0.4 - FE 0.2 compliant with UNI EN 573 regulation
Supply conditions: T5 compliant with UNI EN 515 regulation (corresponding to TA 16)
Dimentional tolerance and thickness:  UNI EN 12020.2 e/o UNI EN 755-9
Certifications: ICITE, S. Giuliano Milanese
Test n. 2381/RP/95 of 03.07.1995
IFT Rosenheim certificates available upon request
(class C)