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Gold 500 - Aluminium windows and doors

Frame dimension
50 mm 
Air permeability Classe 4
Door Size
58 mm 
Water Permeability Classe 9A
Lateral section size 91,5 mm 
Wind resistance
Classe C2
Glass case height 22 mm 
dB 38

GOLD 500 was conceived to be used in the field of civil and industrial building, when a good structural strength and resistance to atmospheric agents are required, also in doors and windows having big dimensions; they are guaranteed by the open joint. The system, completed with a great number of European Chamber profiles and accessories, allows to produce all the most common types of frames, ranging from the simple tilt glide shutters, to the sliding doors, and is completed with profiles, accessories and weatherstripping specially designed for internal doors.

  Gold 500

Further features

Air, water and wind tightness system:
Windows and French Windows: European Chamber open joint with central weatherstripping or double weatherstripping ledge.
Doors: Double weatherstripping ledge.
System dimensions: Fixed frame 50 mm deep
Shutter mm 58
Glazing insertion varies between 10 and 43.5 mm
Glass case height: mm. 22
Glazing insertion: Rectangular or rounded glass stop (with releasing clasps) or glass profiles with a normal or oversize insertion with various designs.   
Weatherstripping: Made of synthetic rubber, EPDM - DUTRAL - SILICON RUBBER
Type of system: Sormonto interno - Complanare esterno   
Extruded metal profiles: Aluminium alloy 6060 AL MG
0.5 SI 0.4 - FE 0.2 compliant with UNI EN 573 regulation
Supply conditions:  T5 compliant with UNI EN 515 regulation (corresponding to TA 16)
Dimensional tolerance and thickness: UNI EN 12020.2 and/or UNI EN 755-9
Certifications: ICITE , S. Giuliano Milanese
Test n. 2382/RP/95 of 03.07.1995
IFT Rosenheim certificates available upon request
(class C)