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Gold AS 125 - Aluminium lift-sliding and sliding windows and doors with thermal-break system

Frame dimension 125 mm 
Air permeability Class 3
Door Size
51 mm 
Water permeability Class E750
Lateral section size 128 mm 
Wind resistance Class C2
Glass case height
22 mm 
dB 32

AS125 allows to build top hung/sliding windows and French windows with two or more door opening. This thermal cutting system, completed with specific accessories, is particularly indicated in case of door and window frames of big dimensions, whose doors are therefore very heavy, with a weight up to 250 kg per door.
AS125 is equipped with all the technical solutions achieved thanks to the experience acquired with the sliding door series and also includes some innovative details, such as the strong beam brackets of the expansion doors, the cap covering the manufacture of the central section which includes a docking and automatic cleaning mechanism on the track, or the advanced meteoric water drainage system on the lower section of the fixed frame.

  AS 125

Further features

Air, water and wind tightness system Carried out through synthetic brush with flexible central fin.
Thermal cutting with polyamide bars of 16 mm on the door
with polyamide bars of 20 mm on the frame  
System dimensions Fixed frame with 125 mm section
Door frame section 51 mm
Total section 125 mm
Glass case height mm. 22
Glazing insertion Rectangular or rounded glass stop (with releasing clasps) or glass profiles with a normal or oversize insertion with various designs
Type of system Hung/sliding version with two or more doors, with the possibility to have parallel sliding doors.
Extruded metal profiles  Aluminium alloy 6060 AL MG 0.5 SI 0.4 - FE 0.2 in compliance with UNI EN 573 regulation
Supply conditions  T5 compliant with UNI EN 515 (corresponding to TA 16)
Dimensional tolerance and thickness  UNI EN 12020.2 and/or UNI EN 755-9
Certifications ICITE, Giuliano Milanese 
Test n. 2381/RP/95 del 03.07.1995
Available on request IFT Rosenheim certificate
(class C)