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Gold 650 S - Aluminium sliding windows and doors

Frame dimension
65 mm 
Air permeability Classe 4
Door Size
35 mm 
Water Permeability Classe 9A
Lateral section size 115.5 mm 
Wind resistance
Classe C3
Glass case height
23 mm 
dB 30

Gold 650 S is a modern system whose profiles have a soft and appealing line. It allows to produce sliding door and window frames with an excellent performance, comparable to that of the ledge systems. It is the ideal solution for door and window frames in small rooms, requiring to save space.

The new accessories, equipped with multiple locks, typical of this series, make this type of door and window frames more resistant against housebreaking compared to the past. The possibility to have frames on one, two or three tracks allows to have both retractable and traditional sliding doors and windows, with two, three, four and six doors that can be perfectly integrated with ledge and monobloc systems, as well as with systems for industrial warehouses, thanks to their special coupling profiles.   

  Gold 650 S

Further features

Air, water and wind tightness system Carried out through synthetic brush with flexible central fin
System dimensions Fixed frame with 65 and 90 mm section
Door frame section 35 mm
Total section 81 mm
Glazing insertion varies between 10 and 43.5 mm
Glass case height mm. 22
Glazing insertion Rectangular or rounded glass stop with releasing clasps and with insertable glass profiles.  
Type of system With two or more sliding doors, with or without glass stop and with optional stainless steel tracks.
Extruded metal profiles Aluminium alloy 6060 AL MG 0.5 SI 0.4 - FE 0.2 in compliance with UNI EN 573 regulation
Supply conditions T5 compliant with UNI EN 515 regulation (corresponding to TA 16)
Dimensional tolerance and thickness UNI EN 12020.2 and/or UNI EN 755-9
Certification ICITE, S. Giuliano Milanese Test n. 2657/RP/98 30.10.1998