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Sonetto - Modular shutter box


System in extruded profiles for shutter box, with inspection door linked to the case using stainless steel springs which allows access to the compartment in a quick and easy way.
The air tightness is ensured by silicone gaskets.
Equipped with special insulation for those situations that require a higher thermal insulation.



Technical Characteristics

Type of System
Modular shutter box
Extruded metal profiles
Aluminium alloy 6060 AL MG 0.5 SI 0.4 - FE 0.2 compliant with UNI EN 573 regulation
Supply conditions
T5 compliant with UNI EN 515 regulation (corresponding to TA 16)
Dimentional tolerance and thickness
UNI EN 12020.2 and/or UNI EN 755-9