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Champagne   Medium Bronze
  Dark Bronze
  Dark Brown
SALLOX® 2000              
Beige Grey
  Beige Walnut
  Blue Mogano   Black
KORAL® 2000            
Red Copper
  Red Brick
  Red Oxide    Amaranth Classic
All the finishing options included in this catalogue respect ENAS Quality International regulations.

Documents regarding the jobs carried out with this procedure in various European and extra European countries can be provided upon request.

The various types of electrolytic colours, Warmall, Sallox e Koral comply with the requirements and guarantees requested for the architectonic sector.

For the maintenance of window and door frames processed with Warmall, Sallox e Koral
a periodic washing with water and neutral detergents is enough.

NOTE: the samples and colours of this sample collection are merely indicative for obvious technical reasons.