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Powder Painting

The painting plant (a horizontal, continuous cycle plant type with catenary) is newly installed and completely automated, in order to produce very high quality products in a very short time.
This allows to meet the market's requirements, asking for an increasingly wide range of colours.

Before the painting, the aluminium can be pre-treated in two ways:
1. through anodic oxidation pre-treatment
2. through no-rinse, chrome-free pre-treatment

The painting with oxidation pre-treatment has been specially developed for aluminium, as this material has a very high resistance to corrosion caused by chemical and atmospheric agents. It consists in the production of an anodic oxide specially developed to fix the adjacent layers of heat-polymerized outdoor powder paint. This system combines the extremely high resistance of the anodic layer with a film of polyester powder paint (TGIC Free). It is particularly suitable for marine environments, where aluminium is frequently exposed to filiform corrosion.

The painting with no-rinse, chrome-free pre-treatment offers an excellent adhesion base and a protective coat before the powder painting. This process can be compared to the chromic treatment. A high resistance to corrosion can be associated with powder painting, thus allowing its use in many applicative areas.

A reduction in the polluting agents arriving to the sewage purification plant, its environment-friendly characteristics, and the non-harmful chemical bases, make the no-rinse, chromium-free process particularly innovative with respect to environmental policies.
This process has been approved by various bodies, such as the Qualicoat and the GSB-international, for its use on architectural aluminium.

QUALICOAT APPROVAL N° A-19 (24/02/2003)
GSB INTERNATIONAL APPROVAL N°303d (powder painting)

Special customisable colours can be created upon request, also for limited quantities of product

Maximum dimensions:

The profiles and sheet metal can have the following maximum dimensions: checklength mm 7.200
checkheight mm 1.800 
checkwidth   mm 500


Respect for the environment

Vernici atossicheThe powder paints used are non-toxic to ensure the highest quality and minimal environmental impact.